Summer School 2014 

Autonomous Driving in the Internet of Cars

27.7.-01.08.2014 - Tegernsee lake

BMW Research and Technology, EURECOM and the Technische Universität München (TUM) with the support of the Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum (BFHZ), jointly organise a Summer School for Ph.D. students and junior scientists on "Autonomous Driving in the Internet of Cars" at lake Tegernsee, Bavaria. The objective of this Summer School is to bring together leading experts in connected mobility from both industry and academia, as well as PhD students and junior scientists. 

The Summer School 2014 will take place on lake Tegernsee from July 27th through August 1st 2014.

Autonomous driving is a paramount endeavor for automotive industry leaders such as BMW. Moving towards fully-automated driving, the advantages in driver comfort and safety are obvious. Complex challenges arise from technological prerequisites: enhanced and cooperative data processing, data security, human machine interaction concepts, geo-localization or environmental perception. Common to all these challenges is the seamless exchange of large amounts of local and global mobility-related data, requiring autonomous vehicles to not only be connected to the Internet, but also exchanging data between vehicle- and backend-systems. The fully networked vehicle embedded in the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to new opportunities and research challenges in the area of connected mobility. This includes technical aspects such as highly scalable vehicle electronics, dependable communication systems, big data fusion and driver assistance systems. But also non-technical disciplines such as psychological-, socio-economic-, legal, and business-oriented challenges have to be addressed.


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