Microtubules in Neurons 2021

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The Institute of Cell Biology of the Nervous System at the Technical University of Munich and the Institut Curie (France) cordially invite interested Master's students, PhD candidates and post-docs to our French-German Fall School:

Microtubules in Neurons 2021 - Regulation of microtubules in neuronal homeostasis

from 24th to 27th of October 2021

at the historic Frauenwörth Abbey on Fraueninsel in Lake Chiemsee (Bavaria)

Scientific Organizers

Dr. Monika Leischner-Brill (TU München)

I am a group leader at the Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology, TUM, Munich, Germany. I work on the role of the cytoskeleton during axonal remodelling, both during development and disease. In particular, I study the microtubule severing enzyme spastin and how it microtubular stabilization impacts on neuronal homoeostasis. As a model I study lower motor neurons in nerve-muscle explants, using live imaging techniques and immunohistochemical approaches. Recently I also focus on human skin biopsies from patients suffering from motor neuron diseases.

Dr. Magda Magiera (Institut Curie)

I am a CNRS researcherin the lab of Carsten Janke at the Institut Curie in Orsay, France. I work of the role of tubulin polyglutamylation in neurodegeneration and in the regulation of axonal transport. I mostly work in mice and primary neurons, but I also contributed to investigating the role of posttranslational modifications of tubulin in in vitro

The conference aims to bring together researchers and clinicians working on post-translational modifications of microtubules to understand how changes in microtubules control cell homeostasis. It also offers students and early career researchers the opportunity to present and discuss their work in front of an international audience of experts.


To apply please return (in English)

  • a motivation statement (max. 250 words)
  • a scientific abstract (max. 400 words)

 to: MT2021@tum.de

Deadline: some few places left.

All applications will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Candidates will receive a final answer as soon as possible. 


  • Isabelle Arnal (Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences)
  • Renaud Chabrier (Institut Curie)
  • Coralie Fassier (INSERM, Institut de la Vision)
  • Julian Großkreutz (Uniklinikum Jena)
  • Erika Holzbaur (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Lukas Kapitein (Utrecht University)
  • Matthias Kneussel (Center of Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg)
  • Eva-Maria Mandelkow (Dt. Ztr. für Neurodegenerative Erkrangungen)
  • Naoko Mizuno (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)
  • Evan Reid (University of Cambridge)
  • Antonina Roll-Mecak (National Institut of Health, Maryland)
  • Monica Sousa (Porto University)
  • Yuyu Song (Harvard Medical School)
  • Beate Winner (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Avraham Yaron (Weizmann Institute of Science Rehevot)
  • Peter Young (Medical Park)
  • ...et al.


Have a look on our preliminary program.

Please note that the posters must be print in DIN A0 format (841 × 1189 mm).


The registration fee (accommodation, meals) will amount to a maximum of 300€ per participant. Transport costs are not covered by the organisers. 


Abbey Frauenwörth

Isle of Frauenchiemsee Frauenchiemsee
D-83256 Chiemsee

how to get to Frauenwörth and boat timetable


Due to the pandemic we cannot foreseen the actual situation in October. In any case please check the travel information towards Germany under the web side of the Robert-Koch-Institut.
Currently, we assume that all participants and all speakers of the event must either be tested, vaccinated (with a vaccine approved in the EU) or recovered from Covid-19.
We will send more detailed information concerning the travel situation before the event.


Here can download the poster of our event.

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